Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Caramel Corn Mix

As you can see by my recent posts, it has been all about simple, easy, go-to recipes for this Halloween season. My 17-month-old is ALL over the place, and I, like many other busy mommies and daddies, need easy recipes to satisfy even the pickest eaters. Wow..that sounded like a commerical...sorry. =) Anyways, my mom brings home this HUGE bag of homemade popcorn the day before our Halloween party...I'm thinking PERFECT. I had this idea to mix in some candy corn to it, and make it like a snack mix for the party goers to munch on while playing games. Then, she added in some Fall colored M&M's and some cocktail peanuts that we had extra of. It turned out delicious! Besides the caramel corn being the most amazing caramel corn I have EVER tasted, the candies and nuts added that little extra something. Enjoy! 

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  1. It was a good mixture. So glad you thought of it to share with our guests! Love ya, Mom