Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pina Colada Cupcakes

I said in the beginning that I would share all of my trials & tribulations...even the bad ones. Here, I have one that didn't turn out quite so well for me. Well, I think it turned out like it was supposed to, it just wasn't a big hit. I did everything exactly as the recipe stated. Just a couple opinions: 1) I think the cupcake was too sticky, and I didn't like the texture of it. 2) The icing was weird. I'm not sure if I liked the pineapple-cream cheese combo, and it was a little runny. and 3)The combo of the cupcake and the icing was TOO sweet. I'm not going to post the recipe, I'm just going to post the link to it. Let me know if you try this and get better results.
Recipe Source: Beantown Baker



  1. I think your pictures (with your new found knowledge... hehehe) has been absolutely beautiful. You are a great photographer as well as a good mommy, baker, etc. :)
    Ok, on with what I know about this cupcake above. I thought them paired together was like a sugar shock to my system. When I tried the cupcake alone... it was really good. Then the icing alone it was good too. But together... wowza... let's just say a little TOO sweet. I think the picture above is awesome. You should submit these pics to a food magazine... they have those expensive cameras and your pics are better IMHO (in my humble opinion) Love ya, Mom :)