Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oreos & Whipped Cream

I have yet to come up with a name for this DELECTABLE dessert...would cookies & cream be fitting? =) I actually got inspiration for this dessert from my hubby's step-mom. She loves this cake. Her mom makes it every year for her birthday. Well guess what? We don't have those chocolate wafers where we live. So, I devised a plan. To prove that I could make something just as yummy, and I did! Everytime I make this, everyone loves it. It goes quick! My mom always asks me for the recipe, and I always tell her...there isn't one! Well, mom, this is for you! The only part I don't like about this recipe, is the massive waste of the cream filling! =( So because there is no recipe to this, I'm just going to tell you how to make it. I get 1 box of Oreos. I don't get the Double Stuf or anything fancy because the cream filling gets thrown out...yes, I know, it's horrible. Sometimes, my hubby eats all the insides, but the last time I made it, he wasn't home, & I threw it out. But, it's worth it! Take the Oreos apart and scrape the filling out of them. Then, I make homemade whipped cream. Do what you like, but homemade is SO much better than store-bought (like Cool Whip)! Spread a generous amount of whipped cream in the bottom of a dish or pie plate. I use a 9 x 13 inch glass dish.  Put a layer of the Oreo cookies down. Like this:
Just keep layering until you get as much as you want, or you run out of Oreos or whipped cream! =) Then, you don't have to, but I crumble some Oreos on top. Like this:

Put it in the refrigerator to chill for a few hours. You can put it in for just long enough for the Oreos to become soft, but the longer the better. I mean, don't leave it in there for days because it will go bad, but, you know 8 hours will make it DELISH! (Sorry Rachel Ray, I used one of your words!) But, if you don't have the time, a couple hours should suffice! =) I guess you could do overnight, too. When you cut into this baby, it'll look like this:
It is so good, I can't even explain. No matter what they say, Oreos are JUST AS GOOD as Famous Wafers! Enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh!! You are gonna make me gain weight lol this looks so yummmy!! I have a question, how do you make homemade whipped cream? Why couldn't you crumble up all the cream filling and sort of springle it between the layers just to give it a little extra greatness? Just a thought!! Love everything you are doing so far!!

  2. To make homemade whipped cream, you just go get a carton of heavy whipping cream. I small carton or 1/2 of 1 big carton makes enough for a 9 x 13. You could do that with the cream for the Oreos, but just a little hint, even without the extra cream, it is a rich dessert.

  3. Oh, the directions to make the whipped cream are on the carton. But, all you do is make sure you have chilled beaters, a chilled bowl, and cold cream. Put the cream in the bowl, and whip on high until you get soft to stiff peaks. Mix it too long, and you get a butter-like consistency. I add sugar to mine. You don't have to. Add it to your liking.

  4. Seriously this stuff is requested by me ALL the time. Thanks so much for the recipe Ashley! You absolutely KNOW I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! :) Love ya, Mom